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A new project, and some thoughts on design.

This little project was a requested item in a Facebook art group from someone in Québec.

I saw the request and my design brain kicked into gear. Most times when I'm designing for laser cut work, I use Canva to put together a quick concept. Sometimes that ends up being the final product - as it was in this case.

Once I had approval on the design, I imported the design into my laser program, traced it, and then set to burning.

I used a fill and then a subsequent outline, which helps give some more definition to the engraving.

After it was done, I removed my masking (from both sides of the wood!) and stained it with this gorgeous gray stain. Then I finished it with a layer of dimensional glaze, which adds protection and a resin-like look (without the hassle and fumes of resin).

I love how it came out, and I hope the client does, too! It's currently on its way up north.

The fun thing is - this process translates very well to a bunch of different tools, including the ever-popular vinyl cutters!


Do you design your own products? Do you have a new toy you're excited to learn?

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