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I am my own boss now and it's a little terrifying.

Yesterday was a big milestone for me. After some much-needed lake and family time last week, I was faced with an ordinary Monday which was also my first day as a full-time, self-employed artist. "How did it go?" you ask?

I was expecting to feel like this:


Instead, I really felt like this:


It's exciting, it's scary, it's... just a whole lot. (Complicated feelings seem to sneak up on me like that.) I was dreaming of the schedule freedom I'd have, about taking my sketchbook to the cafe across the street and listening to people's conversations while drawing and sipping a latte, but my task list is staring me right in the face and challenging me to bring some exciting new things into the world. ...But I can probably do both, right? Do you have a story about an exciting, scary, big thing you've done? Hit reply and tell me about it - I love stories! Fakin' it until I make it, Lindsey

P.S. If you're in Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, catch us at the Maker's Marketplace at Mill No. 5 in Lowell on Saturday, September 24th.

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